15 Reasons You Need to Start Urban Homesteading Today

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Have you ever thought about urban homesteading? Maybe you are an urban homesteader already and don’t even know it?  Urban homesteading is a movement which has gained popularity over the last few years as it’s something most of us can do in some way. 

What is An Urban Homestead?

An Urban homestead It is basically homesteading, but on a smaller scale, done in our own suburban backyards.  People are growing organic fruit and vegetables, making things from scratch rather than purchasing, going chemical free, and supporting local producers.  You might have neighbours who have chickens, or grow apples.  They might have an olive tree or grape vines.  Or swap zucchinis for tomatoes.  This is all homesteading on a small scale. 

grow your own organic vegetables when you start a homestead

Should I Start an Urban Homestead?

You might already call yourself an urban homesteader, or maybe you are unsure if you should take the plunge? It might seem a bit overwhelming, but it’s always good to take small steps – embracing one element of urban homesteading will help you to get started in the right direction. 

One thing urban homesteaders have in common is their mindset and beliefs. There are many reasons people choose to live a homesteading lifestyle, and if you can relate to any of the below reasons, then perhaps urban homesteading is for you.

a woman gardening with her daughter
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15 Reasons Why You Should Start Urban Homesteading

1. You are sick of consumerism and convenience.

We live in a society of convenience and you have noticed that this convenience often comes at the cost of quality.  You are tired of being sold to all the time, and keeping up with the latest trends and gadgets no longer brings you joy.

2. You love making food from scratch.

You already make your own bread because you love the smell of it baking and how amazing it taste.  Dinner is always cooked with love, not microwaved between meetings.  You know how to ferment and make your own sauerkraut.   Your dehydrator is always on the go making apple slices for the kids.  You love making and gifting jam when berries are in season and inexpensive.

Make your food from scratch, sauerkraut
3. You are a fan of crafting and love doing things grandma did.

Grandma has handed you down some amazing recipes, or maybe you found some of her old knitting patterns and you have knitted your friends and family a scarf.  Or a jumper!  You love the crochet plant holders that everyone has these days, and you make these rather than buying them.  Your friends love them too.  Everyone loves receiving your handmade birthday cards.  You are a whiz on the sewing machine, making clothes for your entire family.

4. You are a big fan of mother nature and saving the environment.

You have the utmost respect for the land, our planet and want to live with it, in harmony.  You feel we should only take what we need and that our current way of living and farming is causing irreparable damage.  Getting outside and foraging sustainably makes you so happy, and know all about permaculture.

knitting and crafting can be a part of urban homesteading
5. You shop local and support your local community.

You understand the importance of eating seasonally and shop local to support your local organic farmer markets.  You know it’s good for your health, and for the economic benefit of the area you live. Sharing with your local community is always a priority.

6. You want to live a more self-sustainable lifestyle.

You are worried that relying on others means that you might be left at their mercy at any time.   You are keen to be more self-sustaining, working on creating a life where you feel secure.  Being hands and building or fixing things rather than throwing it out and buying a new one is what you choose to do.

fixing things yourself is more self sufficient
7. You love sharing all your knowledge.

You have so much to share, you can’t help yourself.  You need to tell everyone the amazing things you’ve learned so they can benefit from it too.  And you want to shout it from the rooftops!

8. You want to have a lower impact on the Earth.

You are aware of the impact of our current food industry on the earth, the animals and our health.  You want to change this and ensure that you and your family are not contributing to this by eating organic, local produce.

organic vegetable urban homesteading
9. You want food security & resilience.

You want to ensure you and your children always have food on your plate, and are not forced to consume foods that you feel are unhealthy or harmful, because you have been given no other option. You want to be secure in the knowledge that you can provide for your family during the uncertain times, rising costs and food unavailability.

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10. You want to know exactly what is in the food you eat & the water you drink.

You know that packaged foods we purchase often contain preservatives, colours and other unwanted chemicals.  Even the fresh food, may have been sprayed with pesticides.  Our meat products given hormones.  The water piped to our homes treated with chlorine and other nasty chemicals, like fluoride.  You always filter your water, and read the product labels before you buy any packaged product from the supermarket.

Having clean drinking water is a value of homesteaders
11. You prefer to eat whole, nutrient dense food.

You know that eating whole, fresh foods is better for your overall health – avoiding added chemical and  preservatives.  You grow your own organic fruit and vegetable, create your own organic compost and fertiliser.  You want to be in control of what you are consuming.

12. You want to save money.

Prices are going up and up.  Your weekly food bill has nearly doubled and you know it’s only so a multinational company can make bigger profits.  You already have solar panels on your roof as you know the savings these provide, with the added positive environmental benefit.

13. You want to avoid modern medicines.

You have zero love for big pharma, and know that many ailments can be helped with natural remedies.  Growing a herb garden and learning about the medicinal benefits of plants is just the beginning of your journey to health.

grow your own herbs is an easy way to start urban homesteading
14. You are chemical free and low-tox.

You have been on the low-tox, chemical free wagon for some time now, avoiding using chemical cleaning products in your home and choosing organic cotton over polyester.  Making your own cleaning products and cosmetics from natural, organic ingredients is easy as you want to know what is going on your skin and into your body.

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15. Your health is important to you.

You believe health is wealth. The priority of your health and the health of your family is important to you and you don’t want those decisions put in someone else’s hands.  You know getting outside in the garden and getting your hands dirty is not only good for the soul, but also good for your health.

If you can relate to any of these 15 reasons, then maybe you already have the mindset and values you need and you should get started with urban homesteading.  What’s the first change you will make?

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