16 Must Follow Facebook Pages For Single Mums

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As a single mum myself, I know there is nothing better than being able to chat with other single mums. They have a greater understanding of the day to day issues a single mum deals with, plus all the other hurdles we need to overcome.

Unfortunately, we don’t all have single mum friends, so one of the next best things is Facebook, as a place to connect with single mums and get advice, information and support.

These are my favourite 16 Facebook Groups and Pages that are a great spot for single mums to find support, advice and maybe just vent their frustrations to a likeminded group of people.

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Single Mums Support Group Australia

This Facebook Group is for Australian Single Mums only. Join in on single mum chats, and ask questions. Give or get fellow-single mum support – or just chat about how your day’s been! A great place to vent your frustrations with ex partners, court, and the many obstacles facing a single mum.

Single Mum Vine

If you are seeking positive vibes only, then this is the Facebook group for you. This group is about empowerment, creating friendships, and making being a single mum a positive, amazing experience. Definitely a group to become a part of.

National Council of Single Mothers and Their Children

This Facebook page is informative and advocates for single mums and their children. Its goal is to empower single mums and support those living with hardship, financial hardship and domestic violence.

Australian Single Parents Support Group

This Facebook group is for all single parents, mums and dads. It is a place to vent, chat, support each other and get information. A great group to be a part of if you are keen to get the perspective of the opposite sex on an issue you might be experiencing.

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Australian Single Parents Community

A Facebook page for both single mums and dads. This page has information and articles related to parenting, activities, finances, Centrelink payments and all things single parent related.

Australian Separated, Single & Divorced Mums

This Facebook page is full of funny memes! Great to bring a smile to your face. Plus lots of articles and advice on living a single mum life.

Mums Parenting Teens Australia

There are lots of groups about parenting kids, most are focused on pregnancy, and the younger years up to pre-school. If you have teens, this is a great place to get advice about issues relevant to parenting teens. And we if you don’t have a teenager now, you will one day.

Receiving Parents and Friends Child Support Discussion Group

Everything you need to know about Child Support in Australia. This group is run by an ex Child Support Employee. He felt that it was difficult to get decent information around Child Support so he started this group. He answers every question, along with the group members. This is a no venting group, purely questions only. If you are looking for a place to share your frustrations check out The Child Support Chat Group for Australian Mums Who Receive Child support.

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The Child Support Chat Group for Australian Mums Who Receive Child Support

A place to ask questions and vent your frustrations about child support arrears. Or discuss how the whole system needs an overhaul. Or just share your knowledge about child support in Australia with other mums.

Centrelink Support Group for Australian Mums

This group is great for all mums. It is a great source of advice and information for navigating Centrelink payments and determining what you might be entitled to.

Australian Single Mums Who Budget & Save

When you are a single mum, finances can get tight. What better than a group of like minded mums sharing their tips, tricks and hacks for saving money and working to a budget.

Barefoot Investor Australian Single Mums

If you haven’t read the Barefoot Investor by Scott Pape do yourself a favour and grab a copy. It’s a great read on how to invest and be financially secure. This group is a place for budget savvy single mums to share, network and ask questions about investing, saving and making money.

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Women Caravanning, Camping and Travelling Solo Australia

A group for single women (including single mums), to inspire, support and encourage each other to travel solo. Traveling as a single mum is completely different from travelling with a partner. This Facebook group is a great way to meet other solo women travelling, to get advice, and to help you feel safe on your travels.

Solo Women Campers

This is a world wide group for women travelling solo and for single mums to share, inspire, empower and give advice on travelling alone.

Australian Single Mums Who Caravan and Camp

This Facebook group is a great place to chat with other single mums who are out traveling in Australia. Get advice, share tips and tricks or organise to meet up and travel together for company.

Australian Single Mums and Dads Looking For Love

Ready to get back into the dating scene? Maybe this Facebook Group is for you. Specifically a place to connect with others and chat with single mums and dads for friendship or perhaps something more.

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Do you have a favourite Facebook Group or Page that you would recommend? Leave a comment if you do as I would love to hear your thoughts and recommendations.

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