7 Signs You Are a Modern Day Hippie

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Would you call yourself a modern day hippie?  I do, yet I look nothing like you would expect a stereotypical hippie to look like.  In my opinion,  having a dream catcher hanging on your wall, having messy free flowing hair and wearing vintage mis-matched clothes does not a hippie make.

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For me, being a modern day hippie has nothing to do with what you look like, or how you dress, or what car you drive, but rather, it’s simply about the way you think and what you believe.  I think it’s about rejecting the norms and social expectations of our modern day society because they do not feel normal to you at all, and in fact, no matter how hard you try to fit in, you just end up more frustrated, miserable, lost and craving the freedom to do what you want. 

Knowing that you don’t have to live by society’s norms and social expectations, is when I think we start to walk the path of the modern day hippie.  Obviously, this path will be different for everyone, because we are all individuals with different interests, but these are what I believe to be the 7 signs that you are on the path to becoming a modern day hippie.


Without your health, what else do you have?  When it comes to your health, you believe that prevention is better than cure.  If you become unwell, you make sure you are thorough in getting information from a variety of professionals in all areas of health care, including holistic and alternative, and only turn to modern medicines and prescription drugs as a last resort. 

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You believe food is medicine, and you eat a diet full of organic, plant based produce, and avoid eating processed, man-made foods.  If you consume meat, you do so ethically.  You might call yourself, vegan, paleo or grain free.

You understand that your mental health is just as important as your physical health and you include mindfulness in your daily routine.  This could be in the form of meditation, yoga, reading a book, a walk along the beach or a taking a long bath.

You always buy organic whenever you can, and you never ever bring those nasty modern day chemicals into your home because you know the effects these chemicals have on your health.  All your cleaning and beauty products are natural and chemical free, and most likely vegan too. And of course you would never, ever purchase or support products which are tested on animals.  

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You love plants and you have heaps of them in your home, you know that they help clean the air that you breathe, and you love the way they make your house feel so calm and peaceful.


You might call yourself a greenie, environmentalist, zero waster or minimalist. You don’t purchase more than you need, you love a good thrift shop haul and you are a recycling guru.  You have installed a water filter for your drinking water because you don’t want to consume all the chemicals in your water supply, and you refuse to use single use water bottles.  You carry a reusable coffee cup everywhere you go because you don’t want to contribute to the environmental disaster that is disposable single use cups and plastics.

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You are aware of sustainability and energy efficiency and do the best that you can to ensure you don’t waste any of our precious natural resources.  You might use energy efficient appliances, solar power, grey water to water your garden or have installed a rain water tank. 

You will have your own compost pile in the backyard or a small compost bin in your kitchen, because it’s is great to use on your organic veggie patch, or your kitchen herb garden, because you know its chemical free, and you have reused and reduced your waste.


The hustle and bustle of city life stresses you out, and you love spending time on the beach, or taking a long hike in nature and just breathing in the fresh air and getting some of nature’s microbiome.  You know how important it is to ground yourself, and how good it makes you feel to connect with the earth, so you go barefoot when you can. 


You are non-judgemental, and open minded to others opinions, ideas and points of view.  Being free to believe in what you want allows you to expand your knowledge into areas which mainstream society thinks is witchy woo woo, such as crystal healing, chakras, or ley lines, because you know there is more to our world than meets the eye.  You love a good conspiracy theory because it provides information from differing points of view that helps you to form your own opinion about things going on in our world.

woman in red hat and black outfit sitting on the bed while holding a crystal ball
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Money is not important to you, and you don’t believe that financial wealth is a sign of success and happiness.  You love to travel and wander, and you believe that love, health, freedom, memories and experiences are the best things that money just can’t buy.  Of course we all need money to get by, but your life is a success when you are free to think and do as you wish, rather than being tied to society’s norms and social expectations of money and material possessions proving your success.


You know you might not be the next Picasso or Mozart, but you see creativity as an outlet to relax, express and share.  Whether its painting, macramé, cooking, music, the way you dress or decorate your home you express yourself in whichever way makes you happy and comfortable.

concentrated black female ceramist paining on handmade clay bowl
Photo by RF._.studio on Pexels.com


This one is the clincher in my opinion.  Last of all, being a modern day hippie means no judgement, no comparison to others, just do what feels right to you, the best that you can.  You would never preach, or force your opinion or way of life on anyone else, but of course you love to share your knowledge with anyone who is interested.  There will be plenty of people who think you are weird, and that’s okay.  Because being a modern day hippie means you don’t judge others and you just get on with enjoying your natural, free life.

Got some other ideas on what you think being a modern day hippie is all about? I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.  Share with everyone in the comments!


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