Hi and Welcome to Heart Full of Free.

Welcome and thank you so much for visiting Heart Full of Free. I am Beck and I am a solo mum to my son Marcus.

I was left by my partner when I was 6 months pregnant, simply because he didn’t want to support us. He has never met Marcus and never wanted to be in his life. I knew I had to be the sole provider and earn and income, and went back to work as soon as I could after he was born.

It wasn’t long until I realised that Marcus was being raised by other people. He was spending 8-9 hours a day in either child care or at school, and I was only getting to spend a couple with him at home each evening. I had decided to have a child to be a mother and I ultimately ended up in a situation where he being raised by strangers who didn’t necessarily hold the same values as me. I decided this wasn’t okay with me and had to change.

Marcus started to suffer from chronic eczema and behavioural problems, which triggered my interest in building biology and health and wellness. I refused to put a steroid cream on his eczema and just deal with the symptoms, whilst the cause was being completely ignored. Plus I was concerned how these behavioural issues were impacting on both our lives.

So I went down the health and wellness rabbit hole. Any GP we saw just shrugged their shoulders, not knowing the cause, so I spoke to naturopaths and other holistic medical professionals, until we ultimately found the cause and were able to fix his issues.

At the same time, I had discovered building biology. I had never considered how our environment could have had an affect on our health, and I became a certified building biologist in 2016.

After a few years of Marcus struggling in the school system, I chose to homeschool Marcus, and also go travelling full time, and this blog and lifestyle has allowed me the flexibility to do this.

We have now begun our journey into urban homesteading, to learn how to become more self sufficient, and we want to share that journey with you, incorporating all that I know about health and wellness, building biology and going low tox at the same time.

I love to write, and I love to share everything I know about being a single parent, budgeting, mum life, building biology and even all my real estate experience on renting and buying property after working in the real estate industry for over 20 years.

We are Heart Full of Free because we have so much freedom in our hearts to live our lives the way that we have chosen and I hope that we get to inspire you to do the same.

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