Discover How to Ground or Earth Yourself to Increase Wellbeing.

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What is Earthing and Grounding?

Earthing, also known as grounding, refers to making skin contact with the surface of the Earth. We can easily do this with bare feet or hands, or using various earthing and grounding products. This reconnects our body directly to the supply of electrons on the surface of the Earth providing us with positive benefits.

Grounding can be achieved by simply walking barefoot outside.  We can also do this indoors by using an earthing or grounding product that transfers the Earth’s electrons from the ground into our body. There are so many benefits of earthing and grounding. You can gain a feeling of wellbeing and experience positive effects on your health such as better sleep and reduced pain.

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Why Do We Need to Earth Ourselves?

Throughout history humans spent a lot of their time naturally earthed or grounded.  They walked, sat and slept on the ground. They worked their land with their bare hands. If they wore shoes or clothing it was made of animal skins. It was through this direct contact with the earth that the ground’s abundant free electrons were able to enter the body.  This connection to the earth and nature is important in maintaining our health and wellness. 

Our modern lifestyle has prevented us from maintaining this connection with the earth. Stress began being widely diagnosed in the 1960s. It was at this time we began wearing synthetic soled shoes and carpeting our buildings gained popularity. The use of electricity and household electrical devices tripled from the previous generation.   In today’s modern world, we are wearing insulated rubber and plastics soled shoes. We live in high rise buildings and sleep in beds off the ground. Plastics are used every day and we wear synthetic fabrics. We cover the ground in asphalt, tar, carpets and vinyl.  Our natural connection to the earth is being blocked.

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We are also inundated by man-made electronic radiation from household appliances, mobile phones, wi-fi, microwaves and cell towers.  These are not only interfering with the natural radiation of the earth, but also causing free radical damage and oxidative stress in our bodies. In turn, leading to inflammation, pain and disease.

During recent decades, we have seen a dramatic increase in chronic illness, immune disorders, and inflammatory diseases. Some research has indicated that our  disconnection to the earth is a cause.

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What are The Health Benefits of Earthing and Grounding?

There is evidence that there are health benefits of earthing and grounding.  It can be beneficial for our health and wellbeing by lowering free radical damage through exposure to free electrons. These are abundant on the earth’s surface and help our body to heal and repair naturally by neutralising free radicals. 

Regularly earthing and grounding helps to normalises the body’s basic biological rhythms. It improves or eliminates the cause of inflammation and relieves the symptoms of inflammation related disorders and associated pain. 

Earthing and grounding can improve sleep, increase energy levels and lower stress, It can improve blood pressure, relieve muscle tension, headaches, and chronic back and joint pain. 

It has also been shown to lessen hormonal and menstrual symptoms. Earthing and grounding can speed up wound healing time. It can reduce or eliminate jet lag and help  protect the body against man-made electromagnetic fields. Grounding and earthing overall can improve general health and wellbeing.

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How to Benefit From Grounding and Earthing.

Everyone can benefit from grounding and earthing each day. And it doesn’t have to cost a cent. Here are 5 free and easy ways to ground and earth yourself to improve your health and wellbeing.

  1. Walk barefoot (or sit, lay or stand) outside on the grass, sand or dirt for 30 minutes.
  2. Swim in an ocean, lakes or river.
  3. Garden with bare hands.
  4. Hug or lean up against a living tree.
  5. Sleep on the earth while camping.

If it is not possible for you to get outside and connect with the earth regularly, try wearing natural leather-soled shoes and clothing made of natural fabrics. 

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Earthing and Grounding Products

You can also try an indoor earthing product to get similar benefits.  There are various systems available, such as sheets, mats, bands, adhesive patches or beds . These can offer similar health benefits along with practicality and convenience, and can be helpful in clinical situations.   

Some sources recommend avoiding use of indoor grounding and earthing products like mats as there is  likelihood of you becoming an electrical conductor for the grounding path.  To be on the safe side, use a professional, registered electrician to ensure your home’s electrical wiring and electrical devices are correctly and safely grounded before using any indoor grounding and earthing products.

Personally, I am a huge supporter of grounding and earthing ourselves as much as possible, daily if we can.  I think we have become disconnected from the Earth and I think that this is definitely a factor in our declining health.  I know that I feel overall better in my wellbeing immediately when I take my shoes off at the park, or walk on the beach barefoot.  Whether or not you agree with the benefits of grounding and earthing, it is such a simple way to connect with nature and get outside in the fresh air, and that in itself is a step towards better health.

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