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We loved our stay at Esperance Chalet Village, and it’s not just because it’s peaceful, or that the accommodation is beautifully decorated. Esperance Chalet Village has a vibe that urges you to slow down and relax, take in your surroundings and just be present with nature.

We stayed in a two-bedroom shack which is suitable for two adults and two children with a queen and two single beds. This chalet was beautifully decorated, a mix of country homestead with trendy Sydney townhouse. We got to relax on the most amazingly plush couch – once we sat down we thought we might never get back up. The beds were not only comfortable they were also fitted with eco-friendly linen bedding (which is a big plus for me as I am a big supporter of all things non-tox and eco friendly). Our chalet featured artworks by Australian photographers Salty Wings.

There are also other accomodation options here depending on your requirements, and we were lucky enough to be able to take a look around one of their gorgeous large A frame chalets, which in my opinion, are the perfect spot for a romantic getaway for a couple. Or even a getaway on your own to spoil yourself.

Apelles Apothecary and Lab are Esperance Chalet Village’s choice for the bathroom amenities. This company focuses on environmental impact and social consciousness with all of the packaging of their products being environmentally friendly and recyclable. And for all you essential oil enthusiasts out there – I even noticed a bottle of thieves all-purpose cleaner under the sink.

I sat out on the verandah each morning with my coffee and watched the sunrise, listening to the sounds of birds waking and waves breaking in the distance. Marcus loved to take his book and read in one of the hammocks strung up between the trees, and there were some fire pits which, if you visited in the cooler months, would be wonderful to sit around with a glass of red wine and toast some marshmallows.

Esperance Chalet Village also supplies cruiser bicycles for its guest to use as well as kayaks to paddle up the creek (which we did in 35-degree heat). You can swim in the creek (very refreshing after kayaking in 35-degree heat) and if you are into fishing, you are even welcome to grab some fishing rods and try your luck at catching some black bream.

The grounds at Esperance Chalet Village are private and ever so peaceful, an expanse of open grass bounded by native trees and plants. It the perfect place to visit and sit back, relax, listen to the sounds of birds, the ocean and the occasional pop of a champagne bottle.

For information about Esperance Chalet Village go here.

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