How to Meditate for Beginners

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Have you ever thought about meditating but didn’t know where to start? As a beginner, you might not be sure if you feel comfortable chanting “ohm” over and over? Or perhaps, you don’t want to listen to the sound of a babbling brook because it might make you want to rush to the toilet? Learning to meditate when you are a beginner can seem a bit overwhelming. However as a beginner it is good to know that there are many different ways to meditate, and many different styles of meditation. It is super easy to find a way to meditate that suits you.

I began meditating when I was in high school. My French teacher used to start the class with a quick 5 minute meditation to relax us before she started teaching. I used to lie in bed at home, completely relax my body and mind, and feel myself leaving my body. It was the coolest.

Then I stopped. And I didn’t meditate for many years. It was when I was suffering from an episode of severe depression that I took meditation up again. I realised how beneficial meditation would be for my health and wellbeing. I started again as a complete beginner. Over the next few years I learned a lot about meditation and how to create a meditation practice.

Meditate - where to start

Meditation – Where to Start?

First of all, get comfy. You do not have to sit all twisted up like a pretzel on the floor, or be outside in a forest to have a fantastic meditation session. You simply need to either sit comfortably in a chair or lie on your bed. You could even try to meditate on the bus on the way to work (if you have headphones).

It is definitely best to be in a quiet location where you will not be disturbed and distracted. And somewhere with a comfortable temperature. Not too hot, nor too cold.

Ultimately, get into whatever position is the most comfortable for you as you will be there for a little while. If you are uncomfortable it will distract from your meditation.

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Different Ways to Meditate

Firstly, you can meditate in complete silence, listening to background music, or follow a guided meditation.

The first two options can be challenging, as one of the goals of meditation is to not think about all the stuff we want to think about. It’s about being in the present moment, and being silent. And trust me – it is hard. Very hard.

As a beginner, I would recommend following a guided meditation. There are plenty available on apps like Insight Timer (my personal choice) and Headspace for example.

guided meditations for beginners

Guided Meditations – Different Topics

There are guided meditations made specifically for beginner meditators, and these are a great place to start. Mediations cover a multitude of topics, such as stress and anxiety, relaxation, breath work, sleep, manifestation, parenting, fear, relationships, confidence, astrology, chakras, spirituality, depression, pain, addiction, trauma, exhaustion, resilience, creativity, forgiveness, gratitude, love, healing, motivation, mindfulness and many, many more.

There are even meditations created specifically for kids.

meditations for kids

How Much Meditation is Enough?

A guided meditation can also be of varying length – anywhere for 5 minutes upwards to an hour. If you are a beginner, my recommendation is to start with meditations under 10 minutes, until you get those thoughts under control. And then slowly increase the length to an amount of time that suits you.

Personally, after meditating regularly for just over 4 years, I still find it difficult to meditate for over 20 minutes, as my mind starts to wander. So I choose to keep my meditations to around 10-15 minutes per day, with the occasional longer meditation “booked in”.

Is 5 minutes of meditation daily enough? I believe so. Especially when you are just starting out.

Will meditation change your life? Personally I believe it will. Meditation has so many health benefits. Give it a try for a month and then make up your own mind if your mental health and overall wellbeing has improved and whether you want to make meditation a part of your daily routine.

Do you meditate? Let me know in the comments if meditation has improved your life.

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