John Oldham Park – An Oasis in Perth City

John Oldham Park

Did you know there is a secret park in Perth City?

I must have driven past John Oldham Park in Perth city a bazillion times and not realised that this little oasis existed.

When Marcus and I visited this park we were totally surprised. It truly was an oasis in Perth city. It has a lake with ducks and other water birds (including baby birds – always the cutest). Paths winding through lush gardens leading you to tranquil waterfalls. And let’s not forget the playground for the kids. Can’t forget the kids. Nothing worse than bored kids.

Where to Park When Visiting John Oldham Park.

We visited John Oldham Park after taking some photographs at The Blue Boat House. There is a small car park located on Mounts Bay Road near the park owned by the City of Perth. You can find the parking rates here. This car park was full when we arrived. I assume this car park is used by people working and visiting the Mount Hospital and other businesses located nearby as we did not come across any other people in the park whilst we were visiting. There is also parking along Mounts Bay Road, and we got a car park across the road. Be careful crossing Mounts Bay Road, as it is busy dual lane road with no pedestrian crossing.

A Perfect Place for a Family Day Out

The first thing we saw when we arrived at John Oldham Park was a path, leading across a bridge to a children’s playground, which had a huge slide, swings, and a twirly climbing structure thing that I really can’t describe well here, but Marcus was in playground heaven. It has lots of grassed area and shade so you could spend a lot of time letting the kids play and work off all that crazy energy.

PS: I noticed pieces of cardboard lying around the bottom of the slide which I think were used on the actual slide by other kids as the slide was kind of slow. This might be an good idea to take a few pieces of cardboard along with you so the kids don’t get stuck halfway down the slide like Marcus did.

A Beautiful Photo Shoot Location

I then dragged Marcus off the playground for a walk to see the waterfalls. They were so beautiful. And an amazing spot for taking photos. I can imagine this would be a great location for wedding photos to remember! I loved how peaceful it was. There was not another soul around, just the sound of the water, the breeze in the trees and the birds. We took a heap of photos to remember these gorgeous waterfalls right int he middle of Perth city.

We were so surprised by this beautiful park and highly recommend it as a place to take a relaxing walk and let the kids work off some energy. Next time we will make a day of it and bring a picnic.

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