Printable Bookmarks – An Inexpensive Bookish Gift Idea

Digital Printable Bookmark

When it comes to buying gifts for the bookish person in your life, you can always buy them the obvious – books. But chances are they have already bought the books they want to read. And have probably already read them too. Printable bookmarks are a cute, fun and inexpensive gift idea that everyone will love to receive.

We all have that bookish friend or family member, the one who always has their nose in a book, or is always talking about their latest read, the one who is on a first name basis with the staff at the library and local bookshop because they spend most of their free time there.

You could get them a gift card for a bookstore – but somehow gift cards lack thought. Its a kind of “I didn’t know what to buy you, but this is a functional gift”. (Let’s just note here that I am a gift card giver from way back – I am terrible at buying gifts. I want the gift to be useful and functional, not something that is just pretty and gets shoved in the cupboard to be regifted later. But it truly lacks thought – and I know it). As much as I like to give a functional gift, and I do like to receive a functional gift, personally I also like to receive gifts which required some thought. Anyone else?

So, if you are buying a gift card, why not add on some inexpensive, cute bookmarks. Not the mass produced ones you get in the bookstore. Printable bookmarks – ones that you can download at home, that are cute and fun and pretty and creative and different. And will cost you less than a cup of coffee. Ones that your bookish friend will love.

It’s easy to get your hands on these – I have some you can download here and here. Or you can search through Etsy to see if there is something that catches your eye. Put “printable bookmarks” in the search bar and peruse.

Bookmarks Download
Lovely Ladies Printable Bookmarks – Set of 6

Tips for Printing Your Printable Bookmarks

After you have purchased your printable bookmarks you will receive a downloadable PDF which you should save to your computer. You should be able to print onto an A$ sized piece of paper. I recommend using good quality paper or card – bookmarks need to be sturdy so a piece of office paper may be a bit flimsy. Make sure to print on a high quality setting so the colours are as true to the original as possible. All printers are different, and some may not have the capacity to print the colours the same. If this is the case, getting them printed by a professional printing service is an option.

You can punch a small hole in the top (you can get a single hole punch for around $2.00 from Kmart and get some wool or thread and create a tassel. Bookmarks look great with tassels. And it makes it much easier to find your place in the book.

The other thing you might want to do is to laminate the bookmark as well if you have a laminating machine at home. I don’t think its necessary if you use decent card, but laminating will definitely protect the bookmark and help it to last longer.

Plus, you can never have too many bookmarks right? And never have too many books either.

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