The Blue Boat House in Perth – 3 Tips for Visiting

Blue Boat House Perth

The Crawley Edge Boat Shed, fondly known as the blue boat house for obvious reasons, is one of the most photographed and Instagrammed landmarks in Perth. It really does make a cute backdrop for a photo so, if you are keen to visit to get some photos, here are my tips:

1. Where to Park

There is no parking at the boathouse, you will need to either park on Kings Park Avenue, a side street opposite the boathouse and cross Mounts Bay Road (very carefully as it is a busy street). Another option is to pay for parking on Hackett Drive and take a 5-10 minute walk to the boathouse. There are also cyclists using this path, many of which do not slow down, so beware!!

Blue Boat House Perth
Marcus at the Blue Boat House Perth

2. Queues

We went early in the morning and there was nobody else there (plus the lack of international and interstate travellers at this time probably had an impact). I have heard however that there can be queues to take a photo. I guess if that’s the case then you would have to be patient and wait your turn.

Blue Boat House Perth
Beck at the Blue Boat House in Perth

3. Toilets

There are no toilets at the boathouse, and the closest public facilities I came across were on Hackett Drive.

I love that we now have these photos of us with such a pretty backdrop that are memories of our travels together.

Blue Boat House Perth
The Blue Boat House makes a great background for family photos

All these photos were taken with an iPhone on a timer, a tripod, and edited quickly and easily using our Lightroom Mobile presets (which you can get here).

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