Visiting Albany, Western Australia – 3 Things Everyone Should do.

Albany is a town located about 5 hours drive south of Perth and is known for its great beaches and rugged coastline. We have visited Albany a few times, and we really enjoy spending time here. It is not as big as a city, but it has everything you need while keeping the feel of a coastal town. There is so much to do in Albany, but here are 3 things we think you should not miss when you visit.

Torndirrup National Park

Torndirrup National Park is only a 15 minute drive out of the town of Albany. It is home to beautiful beaches such as Salmon Holes, with white sands and gorgeous blue water surrounded by granite outcrops. It is also where you can visit The Gap, The Natural Bridge and The Blowholes and witness the harsh ruggedness of this coastline and the ferociousness of the Southern Ocean. We were in awe of the stunning view over Jimmy Newells Harbour and we loved our stop at the Albany Wind Farm. The view of the wind turbines scattered across the escarpment is just spectacular with this wind farm creating 80 percent of Albany’s power. 

Make sure to heed the signs and warnings in Torndirrup National Park as there have been many accidents and deaths here due to people slipping or being washed into the oceans by large waves or gusting winds. Best to avoid that perfect Instagram photo if it might mean your life.

The Torndirrup Peninsula is known as Torgadirrup to the local Aboriginal community who are the traditional custodians of this country. It costs $15 for a day pass to visit the park.

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Albany’s Historic Whale Museum & Australian Wildlife Park

Also located in Torndirrup National Park is Albany’s Historic Whaling Station and Australian Wildlife Park. Albany’s whaling industry and station was located at Cheynes Beach which stopped in 1978 due to pressure from protestors and a drop in price for whale oil. A year later the federal government introduced an anti whaling policy. All the structures were left intact so you can actually see how the industry worked. Many of the photos of the history are shocking to look at. The displays are however very educational and Marcus loves visiting here, especially exploring the whaling ship the Cheynes IV. They also have some huge whale skeletons and a whale themed playground for the kids.

After visiting the Whaling Station you can walk over to the Australian Wildlife park and view some wombats, kangaroos and other Australian Wildlife. If you visit during feeding time, the animals are much more active.

Entry fees were quite pricey to visit here both the Whaling Museum and Wildlife Park, costing over $40 for Marcus and myself ($32 for me, $12 for him), so make sure you are not in a rush as there is a lot to see. There is also a cafe on site where you can grab some lunch or a coffee and a snack. 

Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve

You can’t go to Albany and not take a visit to one of the worlds best beaches – Little beach located in Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve. I have seen many a drone photograph of its two large rocks set in the middle of the white sands of the beach, surrounded by its stunning turquoise water. You honestly could mistake being in a tropical island when you visit here, the surrounds of bush and granite outcrops giving the beach such a beautiful feel. 

There are walking trails and spots in the national park to have a picnic, or a barbeque and relax for the day. Entry fees to the park are $15 for the day.

We really enjoy spending time in Albany, with so much to see and do there, and everything you need in such close proximity. Albany is also a good spot to base yourself to visit the Porongorup National Park and the Stirling Range National Park.

With so much to do in Albany, we need to book in another visit soon!

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