Wave Rock Hyden, Things to Do

When visiting Hyden, Wave Rock is a must see. Wave Rock is an iconic rock formation in Western Australia approximately 335 km from Perth. I spent a couple of days here with Marcus and we found so many interesting things to see and do. Here are our favourite things to do at Wave Rock

Pretend to Surf Wave Rock

Surfing at Wave Rock Hyden

You cant visit wave rock without pretending to surf it. It is an amazing rock formation, over 2,700 million years old, rising 15 metres high and being 110 metres long. We didn’t expect to see so many colours in the rock and it really is a sight not to be missed. Not only can you see it from the bottom and pretend to surf, it, you can also climb to the top where the views go for miles and miles. I didn’t like it up there much, my fear of heights made me feel pretty queasy, but plenty of people head up there to enjoy the view. 

Visit Hippos Yawn

Hippos Yawn

About a 10 minute walk from Wave Rock is Hippos Yawn, aptly named because it looks like a hippo is yawning – or if you stand inside, it looks like it is going to eat you. It was a pretty walk through the bush to get here and we had so much fun taking photos here.

See the Green at Lake Magic

The beauty of Lake Magic

Take a walk to Lake Magic and see the beautiful greens of the naturally occurring salt lake. I had to do some research, but the prokaryotes that make it look this amazing green colour. You can also swim in the man-made 6m deep swimming pool-like gypsum pond just near Wave Rock Resort. This pools buoyancy and therapeutic properties are supposedly greater than those of the Dead Sea. It can’t hurt to take a quick dip!

Visit the Wildlife Park

Opposite Wave Rock Caravan Park is a wildlife park run by a local lady. She puts her heart and soul into looking after the animals there for no payment or reward whatsoever. Lots of birds, kangaroos, wombats, and you can meet Peepee the emu here, who you can actually pat (if you are brave enough). 

There is also have a lace museum and a toy soldier museum here which you houses an eclectic collection of memorabilia. 

We stayed a the Wave Rock Caravan Park, and we really enjoyed our time here. The staff were friendly and there was a pool on-site, which would be perfect if you visited in warm weather. 

Next time you are looking for a weekend away from Perth, consider Wave Rock as a family-friendly destination.

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